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Gas Booster Stations


Single Point Operation
LCD Display of Operation
Fully Automatic function
Step pressurization (3 Stages) to 300






Gas Cabinets


Gas Cabinet enclosures are designed to dispense gases in a controlled manner and to protect from exposure to dangerous materials. The gas distribution cabinet protects these sensitive devices from external mechanical, chemical and heat effects.





Priority Panels


Priority Panels are designed around our own extremely reliable and robust Priority Valve. All components used in our panels are manufactured from high quality stainless steel SS316 (Swagelok) ensuring maximum corrosion resistance and a long service life.




Gas Control Panels


Paskals manufactures a complete line of Custom Engineered gas control panels from basic gas selector panels, to gas selector control panels, to multiple gas mix panels.








Gas Filtration & Conditioning Stations


1. Removal of all liquid droplets and
    solid contaminants from the gas
2. Adjustment of the gas temperature
    to the injection requirements.




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