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Hydro Swaging Equipments


Hydraulic Pulling and Swaging of Tubes in the manufacture of Heat Exchangers, Marine Boilers and similar applications & often working to very high pressures.





Hose Leak Test Stand


Paskals Design Custom Engineered Hose Test Equipment for the Automotive, Aerospace, Chemical, Industrial and Gas Industries.






Valve Test Stands


The Pressure containing capability of
   the valve shell
The Degree of tightness and pressure
   retaining capabilities






Servo Hydraulic Test Stands


Paskals offers an extensive line of systems for testing Linear, Servo and EHV, Pump and Motor, and Hydraulic Power Units providing our customers with the ability to test a wide range of hydraulic components on an aircraft.





General Purpose Test Stand Gas & Hydraulic


General Purpose Hydraulic Rig can be designed for any configuration & any level of automation & Control can be incorporated


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