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Valve Test Rigs


Valve Test Rigs for testing all types of Process Control & Safety
   Relief Valves to confirm:

The Pressure containing capability of the valve shell

The Degree of tightness and pressure retaining capabilities of the
    valve seat and closure mechanism.

The opening pressure of a safety / relief valve.




Tests Include:

Shell Test - Pressure inside the assembled valve to 1.5 times working pressure.
Back Seat Test - Pressure inside with seat fully opened & closed to 1.1 times working pressure.
High Pressure Closure Test – Pressure applied to each side of the closed valve to 1.1 times working pressure.
Low Pressure Closure Test – Same as High Pressure but with air at 100 psi (7 bar), detected by air bubble in water column.
Relief Valve Test – Opening Pressure using a Pop test and to 90-95 % of set pressure.

Test Rigs can be supplied with a range of clamp benches:

Manual Clamping
Hydraulic Clamping
Automatic PLC proportional control Hydraulic Clamping.

Other Features:

Hydrostatic air/gas pressure generation.
Size up to 20”, class 1500

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