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Assembled on skids, our compression packages are equipped with efficient
Safety systems used to control output, cooling and automated Management stages.

Characteristics common to all products are:

• High performance
• Minimum compression costs available on the market
• Reduced starting currents
• Lack of vibration
• NON-lubricated cylinders
• Low oil consumption
• Completely automatic operation
• Tropicalised gas – water – air cooling
• Minimum maintenance costs
• Designed for a wide range of suction pressure
• Designed for a wide range of discharge pressure
• Perfectly balanced
• Low noise
• Interchangeable piston-sleeve module
• Suitable for any kind of application: CNG, Biogas and Process gas
• Engineered for non-stop operation, 365 days a year
• Automatic inlet/outlet gas closure system
• Remotely managed
• Sends alarm signs through SMS/e-mail

Various options and configurations such as:

• Oil Free
• API 618 compliant
• Electricity panel in Explosion Proof version
• Start up with inverter and consumption managed by computer
• Computerized system to control flow
• Soft-Start start up
• Operates with endothermic engine
• Tropicalised gas – air cooling
• Pipes protected from high temperature

Make it possible to use the compressors in any operating context and also make them suited to different requirements.

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